Multidimensinal Pricing

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Chapter 1
The second decade of the twenty first century: Pricing in the Focus Introduction The increased importance of pricing at the beginning of the XXI. century The role of pricing among the managerial functions Pricing objectives The new circumstance of achieving pricing objectives in the second decade of the XXI century.
Chapter 2
What economics tell about pricing? The demand curve The price elasticity of the demand The income elasticity of the demand The cross elasticity of the demand Market types (structures).
Chapter 3
How people perceive and evaluate prices? The perception of prices — the multidimensional feature of prices From price to the willingness of buying The evaluation of the perceived prices: reference prices The factors influencing the price sensitivity Price research methods Price psychology.
Chapter 4
The relation between price costs and profit The costs The breakeven analysis The pricing policy and the effect of pricing leverage Forecasts of costs.
Chapter 5
How prices can or should be calculated? Pricing methods based on costs Market driven pricing methods.
Chapter 6
Pricing strategies Defining the price level Pricing strategies of new products Price segmentation based on perceived price and perceived value.
Chapter 7
Life cycle of products and services and pricing Life cycle of products Price competition in the different stages of the life cycle Pricing decisions in the different stages of the life cycle.
Chapter 8
Dynamic pricing – everybody pays differently? Price discrimination — an economic approach The theory of price discrimination The methods of price discrimination Geographical distances and prices Non linear pricing Two-part pricing in linear and non linear combination Yield or revenue management Price discrimination, yield or revenue management — ethical considerations.
Chapter 9
Every product has a different price — what happens if we bundle them? Pricing of product lines Pricing problems in product line stretching Pricing of complementary products The special case of product line pricing: product bundles.
Chapter 10
How prices change while they get to the final customers? Pricing policies and distribution decisions Price control in the sales channels Manufacturer’s discounts and allowances The method and techniques of price negotiations.
Chapter 11
What is the influence of intermediaries on the prices? The change of wholesale and retail functions Pricing strategies in the wholesale and retail businesses Setting the final prices One (list) price or bargaining Using price psychology in setting the consumer prices Promotional pricing Price competition among the retail chains Pricing in the on-line retailing.
Chapter 12
What we should take care when entering the international markets? The change of the international environment Strategic decision in international pricing The price levels The transfer pricing Prices in the special international deals Factors influencing the international price setting.
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